Pioneering technology for wealth management

Seccl is the flexible, intuitive digital solution that enables you to provide a seamless service, efficiently and without error.

So you can concentrate on providing exceptional results for your clients.


Seccl offers a variety of modules that facilitate processing and analysis across asset classes

Simply choose the technology that best suits the needs of your firm:

Why Seccl?

What makes us so special? ... well for a start we are;

Case in point

Not sure which modules suit your needs? Lets take a look at a few scenarios…

Meet the pioneers

We’re growing fast and looking for talented team members who are passionate about making a huge impact in wealth management.

  • Dave Harvey

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Hugo Thorman

    Executive Chairman

  • Rhymes Toasterface

    Software Developer

  • Fran Zuch

    Product Analyst

  • Phil Gilder

    Product Lead

  • Hannah Lockett

    Product Analyst

  • Dave Tayler

    Tech Lead

  • Tom Fletcher

    Front End Developer

  • Rebecca Harvey

    People Developer

  • Michael Kitch

    Front End Developer

  • Jack Cullis

    Finance & Commercial

  • Millie


  • Petar Kanev

    Software Developer

  • Russ Street

    Digital Designer