Pioneering technology and outsourced custody services for wealth management

Seccl provides a Software as a Service (SaaS) technology solution for businesses authorised to manage ‘client money’ including Stockbrokers, Platforms and Discretionary Wealth Managers.

Seccl also offers outsourced custody services for Discretionary Fund Managers, Wealth Managers, Adviser and Fintech Firms.


Why Seccl?

What makes us so special? ... well for a start we are;

Case studies

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Meet the pioneers

We’re growing fast and looking for talented team members who are passionate about making a huge impact in wealth management.

  • Dave Harvey

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Hugo Thorman

    Executive Chairman

  • Rhymes Toasterface

    Software Developer

  • Russ Street

    Digital Designer

  • Jack Cullis

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Fran Zuch

    Operations Analyst

  • Phil Gilder

    Operations & Compliance Lead

  • Hannah Lockett

    Product Owner

  • Tom Fletcher

    Front End Developer

  • Rebecca Harvey

    People Developer

  • Michael Kitch

    Front End Developer

  • Petar Kanev

    Software Developer

  • Alex Williams

    Software Developer

  • You

    Talented Individual